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Add a New Windows Events Monitor to Ops Manager 2012

I don't add monitors and alerts to Ops Manager often, so I thought I'd post a refresher:

  1. Open Ops Manager
  2. Click on Authoring
  3. Expand Management Pack Objects
  4. Right click on Monitors, select Create a Monitor, and click on Unit Monitor type
  5. Expand Windows Events, expand Simple Event Detection, and select Windows Event Reset.
  6. Select a management pack, click Next
  7. Give the event a name and description
  8. Select the Monitor Target, Windows Server 2008 R2 Operating System, click Next
  9. Select the Log name: Application
  10. Setup the filter as follows:
    1. Event Id Equals 17061
    2. Event Source Equals MSSQLSERVER
    3. EventDescription Contains Error: 60000

Note: EventDescription is not readily available. Click Insert and choose then “…” in the new parameter box. In “Select an Event Property” choose “Use parameter name not specified above” and then insert EventDescription  click OK

  1. Select an Event Log for the Healthy Event.
  2. Setup the Event Expression (Healthy Event) to be the opposite of the Event Expression (Unhealthy Event), click next.
  3. Configure Health, the First Event Raised should be Critical and the Second Event (healthy) should be Healthy. Click Next
  4. Configure Alerts, setup an alert for this monitor. Generate the alert when the monitor is in a critical state.
  5. Add to the event description as needed. Some examples are below:

Event Description: $Data[Default='']/Context/EventDescription$

Event Number: $Data/Context/EventNumber$

Event Source Name: $Data/Context/EventSourceName$

Logging Computer: $Data/Context/LoggingComputer$

Target Host Principal Name: $Target/Host/Property[Type="MicrosoftWindowsLibrary7585010!Microsoft.Windows.Computer"]/PrincipalName$

  1. Click Create.